Watch the first gameplay from the 'Demon's Souls' PS5 remake

Vanguard looks more monstrous than ever.

FromSoftware/Bluepoint Games

We’ve known for a few months that Bluepoint Games is remastering Demon’s Souls for PS5, and now we have our first look at gameplay. While the updated version of the 2009 classic will probably still be super difficult (the iconic “you died” message flashes up towards the end of the trailer for good reason), it looks pretty spectacular this time around. The demon Vanguard looks more monstrous than ever.

Gavin Moore, creative director of SIE Worldwide Studios External Development, wrote in a blog post that Demon’s Souls takes advantage of the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback, so you’ll “feel every visceral blow, making even small victories all the sweeter.” While the developers have retained the essence of the original game, they “fine-tuned the title to ensure the game remains fresh and appeals to new users accustomed to modern controls and experiences.”

Demon’s Souls is a launch title for the PS5, which will be available in November. It’ll be a PlayStation console exclusive for a limited time (which suggests it’ll come to Xbox Series X and Series S at some point) and it’s coming to PC as well. It’ll cost $69.99 on PS5.

Update: So, about that exclusivity — Sony has pulled the trailer, and in a statement to Kotaku said that a note about limited console exclusivity that appeared in the video was “human error.” We’ll update this post again once a corrected trailer is available.