'Dreams' will get a big PSVR update on July 22nd

It's yet another reason to invest in some PS Move controllers.

Media Molecule / Sony

A tool that lets you create infinite virtual worlds from the comfort of your living room would seem like a natural fit for VR. Thankfully, Sony and Media Molecule agree, and that’s why the PS4 title Dreams is getting support for the platform on July 22nd. The update will include new tutorials and tools to help you begin your virtual career, including the Tilt Brush-like ability to sculpt with PS Move controllers.

Naturally, Media Molecule has added in a number of new titles to its roster to help you enjoy the new experience. That includes Box Blaster, a sharp-shooting demo, and an opportunity to go up close and personal with a mech sculpted by the company’s artists. And if you’ve yet to dip your toe into the world of Dreams, don’t forget you can try a (limited) free demo by heading over to the PlayStation Store.