Here's a live stream of the Pennsylvania vote count, in case you need it

It's way more relaxing than cable news, at least.


How's your day going? Staying calm? Endlessly fretting about whether your candidate of choice will claim the White House? (The 60,000 people who voted for Kanye West may already be disappointed.) Perhaps watching a thrilling live stream of democracy in action is what you need right now.

Thanks to Philadelphia City Commissioners, you can keep an eye on Pennsylvania election workers tallying votes in real-time. Despite the huge stakes involved, the stream is genuinely kind of relaxing. If you didn't know any better, it could be any group of people simply going about their day job.

Some other states and counties are sharing live feeds of their vote counts. But given that Pennsylvania is a critical battleground in this knife-edge presidential election, this stream's where the major paper-moving action is going down.