Get a good look at Fortnite's Rocket Racing mode ahead of its launch

Race head-to-head around the Fenix Falls track starting December 8.

Epic Games

If riding velociraptors and giant mechas wasn't enough for its discerning players, Fortnite is incorporating a semi-standalone racing game into its free-for-all universe. On Thursday at the 2023 Game Awards, Epic revealed more cinematic gameplay footage mere hours before the game is set to launch.

Developed by Psyonix, the folks who built Rocket League (itself an e-sport staple), the Rocket Racing mode operates within the larger Fortnite game. The action is set at the Festive Falls track where racers go head-to-head to compete for the top spot.

In the trailer shown at the Awards, players raced through the track using directional boosters to launch their cars over obstacles, drift them through turns, and fly through hidden shortcuts. Players will also apparently be able to call items from their inventories to use mid-race, blinking them into existence in their opponents' paths. Rocket Racing is set to officially launch on Friday December 8.