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ESPN+ will be the exclusive home of some ESPN studio shows

Audio podcasts for these shows will still be free, but video will be exclusive to ESPN+

USA TODAY USPW / reuters

ESPN+ is already one of the better deals out there for sports fans — soccer fans have it particularly good, but there’s a lot there regardless of your interests for $6 a month. ESPN regularly adds new content, and following its corporate parent’s edict to focus on supporting subscription streaming, it’s announcing a pretty major update. As of Monday, November 9th, a handful of ESPN studio shows will be exclusive to ESPN+. The in-studio television programs The Dan Le Batard with Stugotz, Greeny, Chiney & Golic Jr. and The Max Kellerman Show will be available on ESPN+.

Some of these shows have long histories of being audio-only before they added a video component, so audio broadcasts and podcasts will continue to be available without an ESPN+ subscription, but now subscribers will be able to watch them live or on demand.

Other new content includes a host of new writers producing work exclusively for ESPN+ subscribers. And the daily Spanish-language show Jorge Ramos y Su Banda will be exclusive to ESPN+ going forward, as well. As with most other ESPN+ shows, Jorge Ramos y Su Banda will be available both live and on demand. But the real noteworthy thing here is those ESPN radio shows coming to ESPN+ — some of them have significant followings, and that could help drive more people to the streaming service.