ESPN's iOS app adds SharePlay to help you watch sports with friends

You can share the big game with long-distance friends.


You won't have to invite friends over to share an ESPN sports stream. The network has added SharePlay support to the ESPN app for iOS and iPadOS, letting US viewers watch live and on-demand programming with up to 31 other people. Everyone watching will need either ESPN (via TV Everywhere) or ESPN+ access, but it might be worthwhile to share an exciting shot or questionable referee call in the heat of the moment.

As with SharePlay in other apps, the functionality requires at least iOS 15.1 or iPad OS 15.1. You'll have to wait until an Apple TV update sometime later in March to use the feature on the big screen in tandem with an iPhone or iPad.

ESPN is relatively late to SharePlay when some services have had the feature since late 2021. Its sibling service Disney+ has had group viewing (albeit using a custom approach) since 2020. This may be one of the more important implementations, however. Live sports are a huge draw for co-viewing features like this, and ESPN's large audience might introduce SharePlay to many people who otherwise wouldn't realize it existed.

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