Facebook brings screen sharing to Messenger on Android and iOS

You don’t need the web or desktop app to share your screen.


The next time you’re video chatting with a friend on your Facebook Messenger mobile app, you’ll be able to quickly share your screen. Today, Facebook added screen sharing to Messenger video calls on its iOS and Android mobile apps. You no longer need to use the web or desktop apps.

When you share a screen during a Messenger video call, you’ll be able to do things like scroll through your camera roll with a friend, shop together online or peruse social media together. Facebook hopes this will be a “fun and engaging way” to connect with friends and family.

Facebook users can also share their screens with up to 16 people in Messenger Rooms on web and desktop. Facebook will soon bump the limit from 16 people to 50, and it plans to offer more control over who can share their screen in a Room, which could prevent the Messenger Room equivalent of zoombombing. Screen sharing is also available in Workplace Rooms, where it is perhaps the most relevant.

Facebook Messenger screen sharing