Facebook's hosting live influencer 'meet and greets' on its Cameo clone

Super will let users interact with influencers in live streams.

Screenshot / Super

Facebook’s version of Cameo has yet to officially launch, but Facebook is already hosting live-streamed "meet and greet" events with influencers as it tests the service. A website for Super, an upcoming Facebook service that will let users pay to interact with influencers in live streams, is live (as spotted by social media consultant Matt Navarra) and has streamed several events with influencers since late last year.

Facebook hasn't said when Super might launch, but a spokesperson confirmed the company is testing the service with "small events." Bloomberg reported in December that Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team was working on the feature, which it compared to Cameo, the app that allows people to pay celebrities to record short, personalized videos.

Unlike Cameo, Super seems to be geared more toward live streams. Its website is currently promoting a handful of upcoming “meet and greet” events with YouTube personalities, like Andru Edwards. It notes that users can ask questions or chat one-on-one. The site doesn’t indicate whether users will have to pay for any of these features. Screenshots shared by Navarra show that each stream comes with various “tiers,” which have their own perks, like the ability to take selfies with the host. Presumably, creators could eventually charge for access to more desirable tiers. Bloomberg previously reported that users would also be able to “tip” influencers and that the creators could sell products within their live streams.

Super also has a YouTube channel with several highlight reels that show video from previous events. The clips feature fans asking questions and taking “Super Selfies,” which lets them pose alongside the host in a live stream.

Super is the latest way Facebook has looked to appease influencers, who have more and more options to monetize their audience on other platforms. Besides Super, Instagram has added features that allow creators to sell badges in IGTV videos and sell products in live videos. And Facebook's NPE team recently released an app called Venue, which allows sports fans to interact with professional commentators and other pundits during games and live events.