'Fall Guys' will be infiltrated by untitled geese on November 13th

An 'Untitled Goose Game' costume honk honk honk honk.


Fall Guys is becoming even more adorable with its latest costume, the goose from Untitled Goose Game. The new suit goes live on Friday, November 13th, but developers at Fall Guys studio Mediatonic showed it off on Twitch today. Notably, the four developers were also dressed as geese.

Today is the launch of Fall Guys season 2.5, which adds the new Big Fans level (one guess as to what that entails), remixed rounds, and a dangerous, randomly appearing hammer named Lil Yeety.

Fall Guys season 2 went live on October 8th, and just a few days later, Mediatonic revealed a Sonic the Hedgehog skin for the game. Developers also dressed accordingly for that announcement live stream, but the result was slightly more nightmare-inducing than the goose costumes. Slightly.

Fall Guys x Untitled Goose Game