'Fall Guys' season 2 begins October 8th

Less than a week to wait for medieval jelly bean fun.

Devolver (Twitter)

Good news for fans of the wildly popular game Fall Guys. The game’s second season will be launching on October 8th, according to its Twitter account. That means those who have been waiting for more rounds have less than a week left to wait. The game is currently available for the PC and PS4, with reports suggesting it might show up on mobile devices soon.

We knew the highly anticipated second season would be showing up in October, but this is the first time we’re getting word of an exact date. On its tweet sharing the news, the Fall Guys account said “Announcing dates always feels like you're cursing things, but it's Halloween month, so let's get cursed!”

Based on an early look from Gamescom, the second season of the jelly bean-themed racing game will take on a medieval fantasy flavor. Not only will the candy characters be dressed in period costumes, but there will also be new games “inspired by epic quests from the Middle Ages.” Looks like a fun trip to the past is on the horizon for our jelly bean heroes, and excited fans can join the adventure very soon.