Faraday Future is preparing to actually sell its FF 91

The EV startup unveiled its first 'production-intent' car this week.

Faraday Future

Despite a litany of financial struggles and botched factory plans, Faraday Future has built its first production-intent car. This week, the EV startup unveiled the FF 91 at its Hanford, California-based plant, and announced it would begin production in Q3 of 2022. Since the best-laid plans of Faraday Future often go haywire, we won't hold our breath for the time being.

Here’s what we know about the FF 91 so far: Faraday Future’s flagship car is intended to be an “ultra-luxury EV” that can compete with the likes of Jaguar, Tesla, Polestar and other brands. It has three motors, which means that at least in terms of power, it would beat out even the newer Tesla models (except for the Cybertruck) and ostensibly be in the same league as Audi’s E-tron crossover. The system horsepower is a jaw-dropping 1050, and it can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.39 seconds. The seats are zero gravity (meaning they recline in a fashion that makes you feel weightless) and ventilated. They also double as massage chairs.

The FF 91 can go 300 miles per charge, putting it roughly in the same league as a Tesla Model 3. It also includes a huge 130 kWh lithium-ion battery, which will no doubt be one of the reasons behind the vehicle’s inevitably large price tag.

Drivers who can’t wait to join in on Faraday’s vision of a future can reserve an FF 91 now. There’s a waitlist to join the FF 91 Futurist Alliance (which costs $5,000 but guarantees you a priority reservation), but you can still pay $1,500 for a standard reservation. Given the company's poor track record with deadlines, prospective early adopters should be cautious. The company's troubles don't seem to be over. Just earlier this month, the company restructured its leadership board after an internal investigation found that employees were lying to investors. Given that production of the FF 91 is about four years late; it's likely we shouldn't hold our breath for a timely release.

Update 2/26/22 10:07AM ET: This post originally said the production-intent FF 91 was revealed on Friday, February 25th. It actually debuted earlier in the week on February 23rd. We regret the error.