Fender is buying studio gear company PreSonus

The guitar maker wants to create an end-to-end music creation experience.

Terrence O'Brien / Engadget

Fender is buying PreSonus, a company that’s best known for its studio recording gear and software. The guitar maker announced the acquisition, which still needs regulatory approval, on Monday. Fender didn’t disclose the financial terms of the deal, but it did hint at its future plans for the company.

“While most guitar and bass players still plug into amplifiers, many also plug their instruments into interfaces, using virtual amps and effects to create their sounds. Players of all levels are spending more time online than ever before and using a variety of products and technologies to learn, practice, jam and perform, record and share,” the company said. “Fender envisions an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates hardware and software to create an effortless end-to-end experience for customers at all levels in their creative journey, and joining forces with PreSonus makes that possible.”

Integrating software and hardware together is something Fender has been doing for a while with its apps and amps. We’ll have to see what the company does with PreSonus, but it’s easy to envision a future where it could offer digital versions of its iconic amps in its pursuit of its “all levels” vision.