Firefox's revamped address bar is designed to make searching a lot faster

Mozilla also promises to stick to Firefox's 2020 release schedule despite COVID-19.

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Mariella Moon
April 7, 2020 1:00 PM

Mozilla has given Firefox’s address bar a refreshed look and a couple of updates that can make searches go faster. To start with, the browser will now enlarge the address bar whenever you want to do a search and will show the popular sites that show up when you type with larger fonts and shorter URLs.

It has also introduced “smarter searches,” which shows additional bolded keywords as you type. The hope is that it can suggest search strings you might not have thought of that can help you find what you’re looking for a lot faster. Clicking on the address bar will now automatically show your most visited websites, as well. And in case you’ve already got one of those websites open, Firefox will show a “Switch to Tab” shortcut right next to its URL.


In addition to announcing the new address bar features, Mozilla assures users that it can adhere to its Firefox release schedule for 2020 despite the coronavirus outbreak. The organization says it wants to “provide uninterrupted access to vital government and health services,” so it has prioritized fixing certain issues and “taken steps to avoid shipping changes that might negatively impact user experience or possibly break these websites.”

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