Recommended Reading: How Ford built the electric F-150

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Ford CEO Jim Farley on building the electric F-150 — and reinventing Ford

Nilay Patel, The Verge

This was a huge week for Ford. Despite already launching the Mustang Mach-E, the company's biggest EV reveal was its F-150 Lightning — an electrified take on the most popular truck on the road. The Verge got the story on how the American automotive giant built a new version of its signature truck and how the company is preparing for an electric future.

Korean adoptees felt isolated and alone for decades. Then Facebook brought them together.

Ann Babe, Rest of World

Adoptees can often feeling lonely and isolated, especially when their families live in different countries from where they were born. Facebook is so often a source of division these days, but for this group, the social network brought them together and offered access "to kinship, to understanding and to life-saving resources."

All 185 episodes of 'The Office,' ranked

Tim Marcin, Mashable

Honestly, I'm just impressed. But for any fan of the US version of The Office, this can guide any re-binging you have planned — or are planning to do after reading this massive list.