'Fortnite' will play at a speedy 90FPS on OnePlus 8 phones

You'll have to make a compromise in graphics detail.

OnePlus/Epic Games

It’s not just the iPad Pro that has a performance advantage over consoles in Fortnite. OnePlus has struck a deal with Epic Games to run Fortnite at a speedy 90FPS on its 8 Series phones — the first time any phone has had this advantage in the battle royale shooter. GameSpot warns that this will automatically kick the graphics detail setting to “low,” so it’s not without sacrifice, but you will maintain your handset’s native screen resolution. Suffice it to say this could be useful if you’re a committed mobile gamer and are willing to trade pretty visuals for fluidity.

You can still run the game at “Epic” detail levels around 60FPS, although that puts the OnePlus 8 line on par with many recent smartphones, such as iPhones from the past two years.

OnePlus has also arranged to make the Epic Games App (and thus Fortnite) easy to install through its Game Space portal, although that’s exclusive to India for now.

This is a marketing stunt in some ways. Other phones with fast-refresh displays, like the Galaxy S20 family, are technically capable of pushing past 60FPS when they share similar (and in some cases identical) processor and RAM configurations. However, this still gives you an advantage over PS4 Pro and Xbox One X players, who can’t go past 60FPS no matter what their hardware is capable of. And remember, many people in the world have to play games on their phone if they play games at all. This gives them the best possible experience with Fortnite if they can’t justify buying a sufficiently powerful gaming PC.