‘Fortnite’ is trying to get squads back together with ‘Reboot a Friend’

Epic hopes players will pull friends back into 'Fortnite' to earn a few prizes.

Epic Games

Fortnite has dominated gaming over the last couple of years, but no one can stay on top forever. Eventually some players move on, although what that means for Epic’s free-to-play shooter is unclear. Apple even took shots at the company’s fortunes, claiming its attack on App Store payment policies is actually a scheme to increase interest in the game.

Epic itself is taking the issue seriously enough to launch a campaign aimed at using current players to bring their friends back into the fold. Dubbed “Reboot a friend,” it encourages current players to pick one person from their friends list who hasn’t played in at least thirty to play matches with. Similar to the battle pass system Fortnite has popularized where players can access more rewards as they complete tasks in the game, it gives out prizes at 1, 5, 10 and 20 matches played together.

The program is described as a beta, so it may not be a permanent feature or could continue to evolve, but it’s set to run through January 4th.