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Travis Scott's 'Fortnite' concert drew 12.3 million concurrent viewers

The 'Astronomical' performance will replay several times this weekend.

Epic Games

The first showing of Travis Scott’s in-game Fortnite concert has concluded, and according to Epic Games, more than 12.3 million players logged in at once to experience it. A video posted on the musician’s YouTube channel gives a good look at what it was like, although the in-game event was considerably more interactive.

The concurrent number would be a nice bump over the 10 million or so who were said to have tuned in for a Marshmello performance last year, and in a world without live concerts, present the game arena as an interesting location to host shared experiences.

Upcoming show times:

Friday, April 24th 10 AM ET

Saturday, April 25th 12 AM ET

Saturday, April 25th 11 AM ET

Saturday, April 25th 6 PM ET