Furries recreate Four Seasons Total Landscaping in VR as a hangout spot

Watch them explore the infamous Trump campaign press conference site.

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Four Seasons Total Landscaping in VR

A Philadelphia landscaping business carved out its place in history over the weekend after a Trump campaign press conference was held there. President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani and other campaign supporters spoke to the press outside Four Seasons Total Landscaping just as all the networks called the presidential race for Joe Biden.

Whether campaign workers legitimately planned to book Four Seasons Total Landscaping instead of a Four Seasons hotel is not entirely clear, but come on. What transpired in real life at that location was pretty absurd, and you can now check out the local business in its ramshackle gloriousness in virtual reality.

As spotted by BuzzFeed, YouTuber coopertom recreated the infamous location in VRChat. Their take on Four Seasons Total Landscaping is kind of impressive. It includes detailed weathering on the facade, campaign signs attached to a garage door and that fire hose. 

Coopertom shared a video of furries exploring a version of the scene which, as a reminder, is sandwiched between a crematorium and a sex shop in real life. They are working on VR models of those businesses as well, because actual reality isn’t ridiculous enough.

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