Get Garmin's entry-level Forerunner 35 GPS watch for $90

The wearable is a great starting point for newbie runners.


If you recently started running or need something to help give you a push, Amazon and Best Buy have something that might help. The two retailers have discounted the Forerunner 35 GPS smartwatch to $90. The wearable is one of the better entry-level smartwatches you can get to track running workouts.

Buy Forerunner 35 at Amazon - $90 Buy Forerunner 35 at Best Buy - $90

Just note only the black model is currently on sale for $90, but if you really want to get it in a different color, Amazon has discounted the Frost Blue and LimeLight models to $99 and the White variant to $130.

The Forerunner 35 features both GPS and heart rate monitoring, as well as all-day activity tracking. While it was designed with runners in mind, it can still track activities like cycling thanks to the inclusion of multiple sport modes. As you might expect with any other fitness-focused wearable, it will also keep track of your steps. Outside of its fitness features, the Forerunner 35 can mirror smartphone notifications and control music playback.

Garmin claims you can get up to nine days of battery life out of the Forerunner 35 on a single charge. However, battery life will largely depend on how you use the device. In training mode, for instance, the wearable can go about 13 hours before it will need charging. At $90, it will be tough to find a fitness wearable that competes with the Forerunner 35 for about the same price. One option is Fitbit’s new Charge 4 tracker, but it only recently went on sale for $130. When you’re just getting into a new hobby, we think it’s best to not spend too much money upfront, which is why we think the Forerunner 35 at $90 will make sense for a lot of people.

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