'Genshin Impact' heads to PS5 this spring with faster loading times and visual enhancements

Prepare to spend even more trying to build your dream team.


Genshin Impact is heading to PlayStation 5 this spring, Sony announced on Wednesday. The company didn’t share an exact release date, other than to say it’s coming “soon.” That said, the release will feature enhanced visuals, faster loading times and DualSense controller support.

Initially dismissed as a Breath of the Wild clone, Genshin Impact has since won over a devoted fanbase with its open-world RPG gameplay and character collecting mechanics. It first came out on mobile, PC and PS4 last September. It’s already possible to play the game on PS5, thanks to backward compatibility. The new version likely won’t be drastically different from the game that’s already available on other platforms. But if you’re a fan who has managed to pick up a PS5, chances are you’ll happily take an optimized release of the game.