Gogoro unveils the first swappable solid-state EV battery

Electric scooters could deliver more range without bigger batteries.


Solid-state batteries promise a huge upgrade for electric vehicles thanks to higher energy densities and safer designs compared to lithium ion, and Gogoro appears closer to making them a practical reality. The scooter and energy brand has teamed up with ProLogium Technology to reveal what they say is the world's first swappable solid-state EV battery. The lithium ceramic prototype is compatible with Gogoro's current scooters, but should deliver a much higher capacity — the two companies are targeting 2.5kWh versus the 1.7kWh of existing hardware.

The design should provide significantly greater range while offering improved safety. Gogoro and ProLogium didn't estimate what that range might be, but the inherently safer nature of a solid-state battery should reduce the chances of fires compared to 'conventional' EVs.

The prototype isn't just for show. Gogoro and ProLogium expect to produce a "commercial offering" at an unspecified point in the future. That could help Gogoro's business by expanding the coverage of its scooter network, not to mention lowering the risks for riders. For many, though, availability of technology like this in larger vehicles is the bigger concern — range and weight remain significant obstacles in electric cars, and solid-state batteries could go a long way toward solving those problems.