Google's original Home smart speaker is on sale for $30

You're getting a better speaker than the Nest Mini for similar money.


It’s quite common to see deals on smart speakers, but they’re not often as tempting as this one. Best Buy is selling the original Google Home for just $30, or less than a third of its official $100 price. That’s better than the $50 from not long ago, and puts it at the same price that you’d currently pay for the considerably less capable Nest Mini. You can find the speaker for ever-so-slightly less at the Google Store if you’d rather go direct.

Buy Google Home on Best Buy - $30

Buy Google Home on Google Store - $29

The Home’s design may seem a bit old compared to newer Google smart speakers, but it’s still capable. It should sound better overall than the Nest Mini, and its customizable base lets you match it to your decor. Apart from that, the Home shares many things in common with more recent counterparts. Google Assistant remains a powerful AI helper that has improved over time (particularly for smart home integration), and it’s still a good choice if you like to cast audio from Google-friendly services. You won’t get stunning audio quality or a display, but at $30 it’s a better value than just about anything else in Google’s lineup — and rival speakers like Amazon’s Echo, for that matter.

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