Nest Audio will become a home theater speaker for your Chromecast

Pending a future update, that is.

Nathan Ingraham/Engadget

Your Nest Audio speakers might well double as home theater speakers before long. As Android Police reports, Google has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that Nest Audio integration with Chromecast is coming. While the company didn’t delve into specifics, it would likely mirror Echo and HomePod functionality that turns one or two speakers into a media hub’s output.

It’s not certain if this will apply to legacy Google speakers like the Home Max. The question of home theater support came up soon after Reddit users discovered unused marketing copy pitching Nest Audio’s ability to become your “home theater sound.”

This won’t be the best-sounding setup given the Nest Audio’s price-conscious design. You might want to look at sound bars like the Sonos Beam or TCL Alto 9+ if you want quality TV audio that happens to double as a smart speaker. This could be helpful if you already have at least one Nest Audio, though, and even a stereo set of them might represent better value than some conventional home theater options.