Google's Nest Hub Max now makes Zoom video calls

The preview comes just in time for socially distant holiday get-togethers.


Google is making good on its promise to add support for Zoom video calls to its devices — just in time to support your socially distant holiday get-togethers. The company has started rolling out Zoom call support to the Nest Hub Max through a preview program. You’ll need a Zoom account (free or paid) in the US, UK, Australia or Canada, but after that it’s just a matter of linking to your Google account before you can host and join meetings on your smart display.

The tech giant has also promised that Google WiFi and Nest WiFi routers can automatically prioritize video conferences on Zoom in addition to Google Meet.

There’s little doubt that Google would prefer that you use Meet for your holiday video chats. It stressed that it won’t limit free Meet calls until April 2021. However, Google is clearly being pragmatic. Like Amazon and Facebook, it’s acknowledging that Zoom has become the definitive platform for group video calls during the pandemic. Google either supports Zoom or risks losing customers who’d rather not force their families to switch services just to see each other.