Google begins the rollout of Play Store safety listings

The tech giant is giving developers until July 20th to declare their apps' privacy information.

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Mariella Moon
April 26, 2022 3:30 PM
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Starting today, you'll start seeing a new section within Play Store listings that show information on how apps collect, store and share data. Google first announced the feature in May 2021 and gave us a glimpse of what it would look like in July. In the data safety section, you won't only see what kind of data the app will collect, but also if the app needs that data to function and if data collection is optional. It will also show why a specific piece of information is collected and whether the developer is sharing your data with third parties.

The developer can also add information on what security measures they practice, such as if they encrypt data in transit and whether you can ask them to delete your information. In addition, the section will show whether an app has validated their security practices against a global standard. And, for parents and guardians of young kids, it can also show whether an app is suitable for children. 


Google says it's rolling out the feature gradually, and the section will start showing up for you in the coming weeks if you don't see it immediately. Take note that the tech giant is giving developers until July 20th to have a data section in place, so some apps might still not have one even if you're already seeing the feature on other listings. 

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