Google Search has new features to help you find a doctor

A new filter can help you find clinics that accept Medicare.

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Igor Bonifacic
December 2nd, 2021
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Google Search tool

Google is adding new tools to Search to make it easier to navigate the US healthcare system. To start, you’ll find a new filter on mobile that allows you to find providers that accept Medicare. Additionally, Google has added a directory option that allows clinics to list the languages the staff at their office speak. With today’s launch, there’s support for 12 languages, including Spanish and ASL. Lastly, the company now allows healthcare providers to update their Google Business Profile. They can do so by claiming their listing, which should help them ensure important information about their hours and services are accurate.

All of those may seem like small additions, but they’re ones that should help make healthcare more accessible for more people. If you’re someone who depends on your Medicare, there’s nothing more frustrating than showing up at a doctor’s office or clinic only to find out they don’t accept your plan. Similarly, a language barrier can often make a significant difference in healthcare outcomes.  

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