Stadia's next exclusive game is 'PixelJunk Raiders'

The action-adventure roguelike will be free to Stadia Pro subscribers on March 1st.

Q-Games/Google Stadia

Although Google Stadia doesn't have its own game development studios anymore, it's still going to release exclusive games. The next one that's coming to the platform is Q-Games' PixelJunk Raiders.

The latest entry in the long-running PixelJunk series is an action-adventure game. You'll play as a mercenary whose goal is to save Planet Tantal from alien forces. You'll need to scavenge for weapons and resources.

PixelJunk Raiders is a roguelike, so it'll look different every time you play. It features procedurally generated environments filled with settlements, underground cantinas, canyons and monolithic temples and the world will evolve as you explore it. Q-Games took inspiration from 1970s British sci-fi comics and Jean Giraud’s Moebius while it was building this world.

The game supports Stadia's State Share feature, which enables asynchronous multiplayer gameplay. Your shared game states will include turrets, traps and gadgets that you've placed, so other players can explore the world exactly as you left it.

PixelJunk Raiders will arrive on Stadia on March 1st and it costs $20. Stadia Pro subscribers can claim it for free.