Google adds 'The Mandalorian's' Grogu as a 3D object on Search

You can view Baby Yoda in your environment.


Google has added a new 3D object to its growing collection of augmented reality treasures you can unearth on Search, and this one’s for The Mandalorian fans. When you do a query for “Baby Yoda” or “Grogu” — that’s Baby Yoda’s official name as revealed in the show’s second season — on mobile, you’ll now see a Knowledge Panel where you can launch a 3D model of the character.

Like other discoverable AR objects in Search, you can view Grogu in your space after a short calibration. The little guy can’t do much other than bob his head around and look all sorts of cute while standing in your kitchen, but you’ll be able to take pics of the AR encounter. While the experience is available on most modern smartphones, you’ll have to do a search for Grogu on Chrome or the Google app to be able to access it.

Google has been putting more and more discoverable 3D objects on Search since the feature launched in 2019. Just a few days ago, it added 50 new AR animals you can play with, including a zebra, a pig and a hippo. The tech giant also teamed up with Lucasfilm back in November to launch The Mandalorian AR experience for the latest 5G Android phones, giving you a way to view scenes from the show’s first season in your environment.