Grammarly's handy tone detector is now available on Android and iOS

Never write a passive-aggressive message again.


If you sometimes struggle to express yourself properly in text messages and social media posts, Grammarly wants to help. The company's mobile keyboard, available through its iPhone, iPad and Android app, will now analyze the tone of your writing to give you a better sense of how you're coming across.

That's a feature that has been available in Grammarly's online editor for a while, but now you can take it on the go. Tap the green 'G' icon at the top of the keyboard, and you'll see a breakdown of how you may sound to someone reading your message, with some emoji there to make things extra clear. The tone detector works by analyzing factors like your word choice and punctuation — though you'll need to write at least 150 characters before it can do its job.

You can enable the feature by making your way to the setting menu. It could make some people overthink their messages, but if it also helps them avoid a misunderstanding, that's a good tradeoff.

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