'GTA Online' is getting its first solo heist

The December 15th update will add a new location and 100-plus songs.

Rockstar Games

GTA Online is still going strong after seven years, and Rockstar continues to frequently add new stuff to the game. On December 15th, the developer will release one of its biggest updates yet, which will include a new location and the first GTA Online solo heist.

The Cayo Perico heist takes place on a private island. You can run it alone or with up to three friends (or random other players). Your mission is to infiltrate the guarded location and make off with evidence as well as art, gold and drug money. As Kotaku notes, Cayo Perico is GTA Online's first major map expansion.

The update has some other goodies in store. If you’re tired of listening to the same music over and over while you’re driving around, you’ll be pleased to hear Rockstar is freshening up the soundtrack with more than 100 additional songs. You can also expect more weapons and vehicles, additional social spaces for you to chill in with your friends, appearances from top DJs, a large submarine HQ and more in the near future.