'Halo Infinite' gameplay trailer shows off Master Chief's grappling hook

It's certainly a Halo game.

343 Industries/SkyBox Labs/Xbox Game Studios

At long last, Microsoft has given Halo fans their first look at gameplay from the next title in the long-running franchise. It didn’t waste any time during today’s Xbox Games Showcase as it kicked off the stream with a look at the Halo Infinite campaign.

It has that classic Halo aesthetic of an alien planet filled with enemies and that iconic assault rifle with which you can take them down. Master Chief can scoot around the landscape in a Warthog and he has a grappling hook that he can use on the environment, as well as on enemies and items. You’ll have a detailed map through which you can find missions and upgrades too.

The Halo ring here is “several times larger than our last two Halo games combined,” according to 343 Industries studio head Chris Lee. On Xbox Series X, it’ll have “ten times the processing power, per pixel, of Halo 5.Halo Infinite will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC this holiday season.