Hasbro is making Transformers and My Little Pony adaptations for Netflix

It's also working on a "Kiya" pre-school series for Disney+.

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Hasbro is known for making action figures for Marvel and Disney films, but after acquiring Peppa Pig producer Entertainment One (eOne), it plans to make movies and TV shows out of its own toys and games. The company has announced a slew of new projects based on The Transformers, My Little Pony and other toys for streaming platforms, including Netflix and Disney+.

One of the new projects is a computer-animated My Little Pony movie that will debut on Netflix next fall. The production marks "the first time the ponies will be seen in theatrical-quality CG production," eOne said, no doubt to the delight of many children and grown adults. It's also developing a 20-episode Transformers series with Netflix based on the tiny, adorable BotBots toys. It follows the release of Hasbro's War for Cybertron Trilogy, which is already on the streaming service. Finally, Hasbro is developing a pre-school series called Kiya, centered around a superhero who uses martial arts and dance, for Disney+.

On top of the new series, Hasbro already revealed that it would make a Dungeons & Dragons film with Paramount starring Chris Pine, with a D&D television series in the works, as well. In a similar vein, it's planning to bring its Magic: The Gathering card game to Netflix as an anime series, executive-produced by the Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

Hasbro is also working on a Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe film starring Henry Golding and a Power Rangers movie. Other series in development include Risk (live-action), Clue (animated) and G.I. Joe (live-action). To top it off, Hasbro is looking at unscripted series — possibly game or competition shows — based on Monopoly, Mouse Trap, Easy Bake, Operation, Nerf and Play-Doh. All told, it may have as many as 30 film and TV projects in the works, according to CNBC.