'The Last Campfire' from Hello Games hits consoles, iOS and PC tomorrow

Get ready to play a more personal project from the developer of 'No Man's Sky.'

Hello Games

The Last Campfire, the new game from No Man's Sky developer Hello Games, comes out on August 27th. It will be available on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows — where it'll be exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

Beyond a Nintendo indies showcase, we haven't seen much of the title following its announcement in 2018. But in a post over on the PlayStation blog, Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray provides a couple of hints on what we can expect. "It's a game about loss, hope and empathy," he said. "You play as Ember, a lost soul in a charming but dark world. On your path you find others like you, some of whom have lost their way and turned forlorn."

Exploration and puzzle-solving will play a significant part in The Last Campfire's gameplay, with Murray noting that the game can be surprisingly challenging at times. However, if puzzles aren't your thing, don't worry; it also includes an exploration mode that will allow you to take in the world at your own pace. But it seems the main thing is to expect is a more personal and handcrafted experience than the sprawling No Man’s Sky. That’s something we can get behind.