Here are the new features Amazon is adding to Alexa

Alexa is getting a bunch of new skills including improved clothing search and deeper integration with a range of devices.


While new gadgets tend to dominate Amazon's annual Devices and Services Event, the company still has a few upgrades planned for its ubiquitous digital assistant. So here are all the fresh features and skills Amazon is planning to add to Alexa.

For people trying to shop for a new outfit, the Echo Show is getting an AI-based skill that allows it to more easily search for clothes using a customer's references or specific characteristics. For example, Amazon says you can ask things like "Alexa, show me the one-shoulder top." Amazon explained the skill was created using the Alexa Teacher Model, which was trained using images and captions sourced from the company's product database.

In the car, Alexa is also getting a new Roadside Assistance feature that will connect you with an agent in case you need do something like calling a tow truck or get help changing a flat tire. On top of that, BMW is expanding its partnership with Amazon, with BMW announcing plans to build its next-generation voice assistant using the Alexa Custom Assistant solution. BMW's goal is to support more natural language controls that are easy to use while driving.

Alexa is also getting integration with the new Halo Rise, allowing it to do things like automatically turn off your lights when you get in bed or play your favorite song to help you wake up in the morning. Amazon will also be adding the Fire TV experience to the Echo Show 15, so users will be able to watch all their favorite shows or purchased content on a smaller screen. There's also a new Alexa Voice Remote Pro for Fire TVs, that allows you to more easily switch between various inputs, control routines and use your voice to find the remote if you lose it thanks to the controller's built-in speaker.

Meanwhile for Disney fans, Amazon is adding a new "Hey Disney" command that gives anyone with a Kids+ subscription access to immersive entertainment experiences featuring big-name Disney characters.

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