One-chance assassination missions arrive in 'Hitman 3'

Elusive Targets have returned to the series.

IO Interactive

It took a while for IO Interactive to bring its well-known Elusive Target missions to Hitman 3, but they're finally here. The game's first high-stakes target, The Collector, is now available until April 19th. As with earlier marks, you have just one chance to assassinate this obsessive, murderous art curator — if you botch the mission, you've botched it forever. You'll want plenty of experience before venturing in, and you may want to play it safe instead of trying risky tactics.

A second target, The Politician, will be available between April 23rd and May 3rd. As her location (Hawke's Bay) is part of the game's Free Starter Pack, you'll have the option of playing this mission without investing in the full game.

IO had promised tweaks to the Elusive Target formula for Hitman 3 in response to feedback, although it's evident the core premise and time gating haven't changed. It's safe to say this is a popular and important mechanic for the Hitman series. It keeps players coming back long after they've finished the core missions, and it introduces a level of thrills you rarely see in an era defined by quick saves and regenerating health.