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Hulu's annual ad-supported plan can save you $12 a year

It's only open to current subscribers for now, though.

Hulu's annual ad-supported plan can save you $12 a year

If you’re willing to sign up for Hulu for an entire year and don’t mind seeing some ads, you can save some cash with the annual plan the service just revealed. You can get 12 months of service for the cost of 10, but only on the ad-supported plan. It’ll cost $59.99, so you’ll save about $12 over the $5.99 month-to-month option.

There aren’t any other annual plans for now, so you won’t get discounts on the ad-free service or the live TV packages just yet. There are a couple of other bundles available if you want to subscribe to Disney+ and ESPN+ too, but they’re also month-to-month plans.

Still, the ad-supported annual plan isn’t a bad deal. It’s only available to current Hulu subscribers at the minute. Newcomers will be able to take advantage of it sometime later this year.