Humble Bundle will test limiting charitable contributions to 15 percent

A new storefront design will do away with its signature sliders.


Starting in late May, Humble Bundle plans to test a new store page that will do away with its signature sliders. Since selling its first charity bundle back in 2010, the company has allowed customers to decide how much of what they pay for a collection of games, software or books is split between itself, publishers and charities. It's a system that has historically allowed you to donate everything you pay for a bundle toward a good cause.

Humble Bundle
Humble Bundle

In a blog post spotted by Kotaku, the company now says it plans to replace that system with a new one where you'll have two options. After deciding on how much you want to spend on a bundle, you can choose to donate either five or 15 percent of your purchase to charity. Either way, most of your money will go to publishers, and the company is capping your charitable contribution to 15 percent. It suggests the change will help unify bundles with its other product offerings where sliders aren't a feature. In turn, that will allow it "to continue to create and expand bundles that power incredible causes around the world." We've reached out to Humble Bundle for additional information and comment, and we'll update this story when we hear back from the company.

As you might imagine, the change isn't going over well with the company's customers, with many accusing Humble Bundle of turning into yet another storefront service. To make matters worse, when the company first started testing the change last month, it didn't share what it was doing with the community. "We apologize for that and appreciate everyone who wrote in to ask us about it," it said. "The lesson for us was that we should have been more proactive in communicating the test.