Ubisoft will shut down 'Hyper Scape' on April 28th

The game struggled to build an audience.


Ubisoft is discontinuing development on Hyper Scape. On Thursday, the company announced it will shut down the game on April 28th. “We set out to create a vertical, close-quarters and fast-paced shooter experience and we are extremely grateful to our community for joining us on our journey,” Ubisoft said. “We will be taking key learnings from this game into future products.”

Ubisoft launched Hyper Scape in the summer of 2020, claiming at the time the title would bring fresh ideas to the crowded battle royal market. However, it struggled almost immediately to capture the attention of people who were already content playing games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends. Following a subsequent console release, Ubisoft admitted Hyper Scape “didn’t fully meet the high expectations of our players.” To its credit, the company didn’t give up on the game immediately, and it tried to salvage it with additional content. Clearly, however, those efforts weren’t enough.

It also doesn’t seem like Hyper Scape’s struggles have fazed Ubisoft's desire to create a successful battle royale title. In the upcoming Ghost Recon Frontline, the company is working on at least one new game in the genre. There are also rumors the recently announced The Division Heartland is a battle royale. As they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.

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