IKEA Sonos Symfonisk speakers get colorful new covers

But, this is IKEA, so you have to buy them separately


IKEA’s Symfonisk speakers are a great bargain: Sonos-compatible speakers but priced like any other piece of IKEA stuff. The downside in this instance was that you could only get them in a utilitarian white-and-grey or black-and-dark-grey color scheme. The Verge has spotted the addition of new shrouds and plates for the speakers that’ll help them add a pop of color to any room.

You can now buy red and blue shrouds and faceplates for the table lamp and bookshelf speaker versions, respectively. The lamp shrouds will set you back €10, while the face plates are a much more affordable €8, at least on IKEA’s Netherlands website. Sadly, the new accessories aren’t available in the US, but we’ve contacted IKEA and will let you know if they’re coming here in the near future.