Microsoft will show off Xbox Series X gameplay next week

This will be the public’s first look at real-time gameplay.


Microsoft has shown off some pre-rendered footage of upcoming Xbox Series X games like Senua's Saga: Hellblade II. The company even pitted the upcoming console against the Xbox One X to show how much of a difference the Series X’s SSD makes for loading times, though this demonstration used current-gen titles. Gamers will finally get an accurate taste of what’s to come next week, when Microsoft shows off real-time gameplay on the new machine in its Inside Xbox event. There aren’t many details about which games will be on display, though recent developments point to a new Forza title as a possibility, and Ubisoft Nordic announced via tweet that the first Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla gameplay trailer will premiere during the event. Inside Xbox will stream on May 7th at 11AM ET.

Microsoft seems to be well ahead of Sony when it comes to generating hype around the next generation of consoles. Gamers have all the hardware details about the Xbox Series X, and know what the system and its controller will look like. Even some third party accessories have already been announced. Sony, on the other hand, has revealed the PS5’s specs, the controller and the logo, but fans still don’t know what the console will look like or how well games will run. Hopefully we’ll learn even more about both consoles in June, despite the fact that E3 has been cancelled.