Instagram Live videos can now be saved to IGTV

Until now, live streams have only been archived for 24 hours in Stories.

John Moore via Getty Images

Many performers and other folks are turning to Instagram Live at the minute as a way of staying connected with their audiences. One downside of Instagram's live streams is that, since they take place in Stories, they disappear after 24 hours. As of today though, you'll be able to save Live videos to IGTV, Instagram's app for videos that are longer than ones you see on the main feed.

The update gives musicians and others who are broadcasting performances (and Q&As and so on) on Instagram a way to properly archive their streams so viewers can catch them more than a day later. You can still download a video of the stream and post it on the likes of YouTube if you prefer. Facebook said last month that the option was on the way as part of an expansion of livestreaming features across its various platforms.