Jabra's entry-level Elite 45h headphones drop to an all-time low at Amazon

The on-ear headphones boast comfort and long-lasting battery life.


Audio specialist Jabra is renowned for high-end products that live up to their price tags, but in recent years they’ve also mastered solid entry-level hardware that’s also worth a look (or listen). Case in point, the affordable Elite 45h on-ear headphones, which are now cheaper than ever at $70 on Amazon. That’s a solid $30 saving on the original $100 asking price.

Buy Jabra Elite 45h at Amazon - $70

It’s no secret that we’re fans of the entry-level Elites here at Engadget. Back in July, our resident audiophile Billy Steele described them as the “most comfortable on-ear headphones” he’d ever tested. That should help with the decision-making if you’re someone who keeps their wireless cans firmly clamped on all day.

Elsewhere, the physical buttons align well to give you solid control over meetings and music; the headphones pair up with Jabra’s Sound+ companion app to offer a custom tune-up; and they boast an impressive 50 hours of battery life. There’s also a quick-charge feature that grants 10 hours of listening time in a zippy 15 minutes.

Of course, at this price you can expect some cutbacks compared to pricier alternatives. A lack of active noise cancellation helps with the aforementioned comfort, but also means they fall short in the audio quality department compared to more expensive models. You’ll also need to fall back on the pause button before you take them off as they don’t do so automatically.

The Elite 45h headphones are available in four distinct colour schemes, all at the $70 deal price, including copper black, navy, white, and all black — though the latter is currently showing as temporarily out of stock on Amazon.

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