Jabra promises clearer calls with its Elite 7 Pro noise-cancelling earbuds

New MultiSensor Voice tech employs a bone conduction sensor, four mics and algorithms.


Jabra's latest true wireless earbud redesign is here. Following the introduction of the Elite 65t in 2018, the company has been keen on updating its lineup every year or so. Today, it introduced three models, including a new flagship noise-cancelling option with the Elite 7 Pro. The successor to the comfy and capable 85t, this version has a revamped design and smaller size, but all the best parts of previous Jabra earbuds remain. Perhaps most notably, the company is making big promises for improving calls with its new MultiSensor Voice tech.

The main point Jabra is driving home with the Elite 7 Pro is its "ultimate call clarity." Almost every headphone company makes bold claims about voice performance and they very rarely pan out. You almost always end up sounding like you're on speaker phone. With this new model, Jabra says its MultiSensor Voice setup combines a bone conduction sensor that picks up the vibrations of your jaw with a set of four microphones and the company's "intelligent algorithms." Jabra explains that the bone conduction sensor, or voice pick-up unit (VPU), kicks in when those algorithms detect certain types of noise from the mics — like wind, for example. The company's on-board tech then combines voice data from the sensor and the microphones "to transmit the best call quality." Again, all of this is something we'll need to put to the test to properly judge its merits, but it's clear Jabra is trying to improve call audio as many of us continue to work remotely.

Jabra Elite 7

Jabra says the Elite 7 Pro is 16 percent smaller than its Elite 75t which was the company's most compact option thus far. Smaller earbuds typically lead to a more comfortable fit and since Jabra can lean on parent company GN's hearing aid expertise and library of over 62,000 ear scans, it has some insight on shape as well. The outside controls panel now outlines the entire earbud instead of being a perfect circle with a small elbow that extended out to hold the microphones. Jabra also redesigned the charging case, opting for a flatter pill-shaped aesthetic this time around.

Through its Sound+ app, Jabra gives you lots of options for customization. Similar to previous models, active noise cancellation (ANC) is adjustable on the Elite 7 Pro, so you can dial in the level of distraction blocking you need. Jabra once again offers the ability to reconfigure the on-board buttons with its MyControls feature. The options here include volume, play/pause, skipping tracks, noise cancellation mode, access to a voice assistant and more. The company also provides a fit test (MyFit) to determine if you've selected the correct ear tips for a proper seal. Should you need to adjust the overall audio profile, MySound can help with EQ tweaks.

Jabra says the Elite 7 Pro will last up to nine hours with ANC enabled. Turn it off and you can expect an additional two hours of use. The case holds just under three full charges, offering up to 35 total hours between it and the buds with noise cancellation on, or up to 42 total hours with ANC off. Dock the Elite 7 Pro for five minutes and you'll get just over an hour of listening time. Jabra also says this model can hit 50 percent battery levels with a half-hour charge. And for convenience, the Elite 7 Pro supports wireless charging for all the times you'd rather just set down the case than mess with a USB-C cable.

Jabra Elite 7 Active
Jabra Elite 7 Active (Jabra)

Similar to previous sporty versions of true wireless models, Jabra is doing that once again with the Elite 7 Active. These earbuds have a similar design to the Elite 7 Pro and nearly all of the same features. ANC, HearThrough transparency mode, nine-hour battery life, wireless charging and IP57 waterproof rating are all here. The key differences are the Elite 7 Active doesn't have the Pro's MultiSensor Voice tech, but the sport model is made with a new material Jabra is calling ShakeGrip — a liquid silicone rubber that should help with the overall fit when you get sweaty.

The Elite 7 Pro and Elite 7 Active will be available on October 1st for $200 and $180 respectively. The Elite 7 Pro comes in black, silver/black and gold/beige color options while the Elite 7 Active has black, navy and mint green versions. At $200, the the Elite 7 Pro is $30 cheaper than the Elite 85t when it debuted.

In addition to these models, Jabra also announced the $79 Elite 3 today. This affordable option doesn't have ANC or wireless charging, but it does offer a lot of features that make the company's earbuds worth considering. Those include seven-hour battery life, HearThrough transparency mode and both customizable EQ and on-board controls.

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