JBL debuts five new Bluetooth speakers with something for everyone

From compact accessories to suitcase-sized party machines.

JBL Xtreme 3 portable speaker (Harman/JBL)

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, JBL likes to cover all the bases. The company has a literal truckload of options, ranging from tiny portable units for under $100 all the way up to pricey party machines. As you’re planning your socially distanced fall outdoor activities, JBL is announcing five new models with a range of features and prices. Basically, there’s something for everyone, whether that’s a small clip-on speaker for hiking and camping or a super loud bass boomer to annoy your neighbors.

We’ll start with the most affordable model: the JBL Go 3. An update to the compact Go 2, the Go 3 has a new design in new color combinations. The Go 3 is more of a rounded rectangle than the Go 2, and JBL added a loop on one end — should you need to hang it on a bag or hook. The Go 3 is IP67 rated dustproof and waterproof, so it should hold up to your adventures. And with five hours of battery life, the small speaker should last long enough for any fireside chats. The JBL Go 3 will be available in October for $39.95 (39.99€) in black, blue, blue/pink, red, camo (“Squad”), pink, green and white color options.

JBL Clip 4
JBL Clip 4 (Harman/JBL)

JBL is also updating its compact Clip speaker. The Clip 4 is the follow-up to the Clip 3, and it retains the integrated carabiner from which the device gets its name. And trust me, that feature comes in handy for hanging these Clip speakers just about anywhere. I’ve been using the Clip 3 for over a year and the ability to move it from the shower to the garage or to the beach is why I’ve kept it around. The Clip 4 is IP67 rated for the great outdoors and offers up to 10 hours of battery life for your tunes and podcasts. This new version is more of an oval shape than the circular Clip 3, but volume and playback controls are still conveniently situated on the front. The JBL Clip 4 for will be available in November for 59.99€ and will arrive in the US in December for $69.95. It will also be available in black, blue, blue/pink, red, camo, pink, green and white color schemes.

If you need a little more oomph in your portable speaker, there’s the JBL Xtreme 3. Like the other two models we’ve discussed, this is an update to the Xtreme 2. The company says it improved the drivers and bass radiators for better sound. Like its predecessor, the Xtreme 3 is larger than your typical Bluetooth speaker in both size and features. It packs up to 15 hours of battery life and the built-in power bank can charge your phone. The Xtreme 3 also supports two connected devices as once, plus you can also sync it with another PartyBoost-compatible JBL speaker for even more noise. And, of course, this speaker is IP67 rated dustproof and waterproof to prevent party fouls. The JBL Xtreme 3 will be available in October for 299€ and will hit the US in November for $349.95. This larger unit comes in black, blue and Squad (camo) colors.

JBL PartyBox 310
JBL PartyBox 310 (Harman/JBL)

Lastly, JBL has two new Partybox speakers with enough power to rattle your windows. The more compact Partybox On-The-Go is like a karaoke machine that’s the size of a boombox. It offers 100 watts of power and integrated lights to set the mood. It also comes with a wireless microphone so you can do your go-to song with the help of bass, treble and echo controls. There are also wired mic and guitar inputs should you need them and you can link two units together for stereo sound. The On-The-Go lasts for up to six hours on a charge and it’s IPX4 rated against splashes. If Bluetooth alone isn’t enough, this one also has aux and USB inputs. It goes on sale in the US on October 25th for $299.95, but it’s available now in Europe for 299€.

If that’s still not enough power, the PartyBox 310 has a handle and wheels like a suitcase (see above), with 240 watts of sound, integrated lights and sound effects “to get the crowd excited.” It too offers a USB input in addition to Bluetooth connectivity. This behemoth will cost you a whopping $499.95 when it arrives in the US on October 25th. The 310 will hit Europe this month for 499€.