Korg’s DIY oscilloscope comes paired with a coffee table book

Bjooks' ‘Patch & Tweak with Korg’ explores semi-modular synthesis.


It's relatively easy to find coffee table books on music, but how many of them give you the tools to make that music? Korg's does. The company has introduced a bundle that pairs its new NTS-2 do-it-yourself oscilloscope kit with a Patch & Tweak with Korg book from Bjooks (which also made books for Moog and Roland) that explores semi-modular synthesis. You'll find the usual history and artist interviews, but you'll also find guides to help you use the NTS-2 in tandem with synths and other equipment.

The NTS-2 is a companion of sorts to the NTS-1 synth and similar hardware. The pocketable box helps you visualize the signals and voltages from your music-making gear (up to four signals at once), tune inputs, analyze spectrums or generate dual waveforms. You can generate the exact sound you want rather than having to play it by ear. The device runs on either battery power or USB-C, and the DIY design practically begs for customization.

The bundle is a limited edition, and will be available soon for $230 through retailers like B&H. That's not trivial if you're just getting started on music creation, but might be easy to justify if you're hoping to elevate your production skills — and find something to read during your downtime.