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Korg’s iconic ARP 2600 M synthesizer on sale for $1,150 via Reverb

That’s $850 off the semi-modular powerhouse.


If you’ve been wanting to splurge on a classic-ish synthesizer this holiday season, now just might be your time to shine. Reverb’s offering a massive discount on 2021’s Korg ARP 2600 M recreation. This deal brings the price down to $1,150 instead of $2,000, a savings of $850 or 42 percent. It’s worth noting that this sale is for brand-new models and not refurbished synthesizers, further sweetening the deal.

Korg’s ARP 2600 M reissue was 39 years in the making, as it recreates a synthesizer that stopped production all the way back in 1981, which is before E.T. even came out. This is a relatively faithful remake, though it’s much smaller and lighter than the original, which accounts for the “M” (mini) moniker.

You still get those three iconic oscillators and a dual-mode, self-oscillating low-pass filter that lets you peruse different sounds drawing from ARP’s storied history. There’s even a true spring reverb tank included and a pair of built-in speakers, which are great for hashing out ideas but shouldn’t be used for microphone recordings. For laying down tracks, use one of the TS style jacks, as this model lacks XLR audio outs.

It’s worth re-emphasizing how much the miniaturized and lightweight form factor streamlines the music-making process, despite the lack of a dedicated keyboard. This thing is half the size of the original and weighs just 13 pounds, making it easy to gig with or to move between studios. As a reference, the original ARP 2600 weighed nearly three times that. Also, snagging an original 1970s model can set you back as much as $13,000.

This is part of Reverb’s Dream Deals event that offers steep discounts on a wide range of products, from Focusrite audio interfaces to Fender guitars, and beyond. All of these deals end when the instruments and gadgets sell out.

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