Krispy Kreme has created official Xbox-branded doughnuts

Buying a box could win you a month of Game Pass and an Xbox Series S.

Krispy Kreme

Gaming promos are getting zanier all the time. The days of grabbing a Mountain Dew or a pack of Doritos for a chance to win an Xbox One are long gone. In our attention-zapped world, it has to be new or else it's DOA. With that in mind, Krispy Kreme has come up with the "Nexus Level" doughnut as part of a new Xbox cross promotion in the UK and Ireland. That's it above in all its icing-covered glory.

Buy a box of the Xbox-branded doughnuts between August 2nd and 22nd for a chance of winning an Xbox Series S and a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (if you're a new subscriber). To check if you've snagged the console, you need to scan the QR code on the box and enter your unique code.

It's not as madcap as the Destiny toaster or KFC's bucket-shaped gaming PC, or even the Xbox Mini Fridge. But, you can't actually eat any of those. Krispy Kreme is clearly in on the joke. An accompanying video features actors as the team behind the doughnut, with corporate titles like "product innovator" and "quality assurance guru," touting its "revolutionary design" and "ergonomic form."