Lego adds a Luigi set to its Super Mario collection

The Luigi Starter Course gives the other plumber his due.


The not-so-subtle hints were true — Lego has unveiled a Luigi kit to join its Super Mario lineup. The 280-piece Luigi Starter Course is available to pre-order now for $60 and gives you the same electronics-enhanced experience (including reactions and dialogue), just with the often-overlooked plumber's distinct voice and personality. You can earn digital coins by completing challenges with the real-world set, such as taking down Boom Boom or interacting with an equally new Pink Yoshi.

As you'd expect, the kit is compatible with other Lego Super Mario sets, including character and power-up packs.

You'll have to be patient. The Luigi Starter Course reaches Japan first on July 10th, and it should only be generally available worldwide on August 1st. Still, this is good news for multi-child households, not to mention anyone who wanted Lego to put the "Bros" into its Super Mario Bros. collection.

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