Lego is teasing a buildable NES console set

Sadly, the console can't actually play games.


The first Lego / Super Mario Bros. mashup will be on sale in just a few weeks, but Lego is already teasing the next collaboration it has in the works with Nintendo. A tweet on the official Lego Twitter account shows off a mostly-unidentifiable set in silhouette, but a series of photos from VJGamer says the set will be a full-size replica of the original NES, complete with a controller, cartridge and even a TV you can build that has Super Mario Bros. set on its screen. To be clear, this set is entirely brick-built and is sadly not a functioning NES, though the photos show a crank on the TV that’ll put Mario on the TV screen into motion.

From the photos, it looks like the set will include 2,646 pieces, and the TV has an area built in so you can mount Mario from the existing Lego Mario set to it. German Lego blog Promo Bricks says the set will cost €229 when it launches, while Nintendo Life claims it will cost $250 in the US. Those prices seem in line with what Lego charges for other sets with similar piece counts, and this morning’s tweet from Lego indicates we probably won’t have to wait long to get the official details.