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Best Buy is selling the Lenovo Smart Clock for half of its launch price

The smart home device is on sale for $40 on Best Buy.

Lenovo Smart Clock
Nicole Lee / Engadget
Mariella Moon
Mariella Moon|@mariella_moon|May 30, 2020 5:00 AM

If you’re looking for an affordable Google-powered smart speaker, you may want to check out the Lenovo Smart Clock that’s currently on sale for $40 on Best Buy. That’s down $20 from its $60 retail price, and that’s also half of the device’s original $80 price at launch. We gave the smart home device a score of 87 in our review and recommended it for its price, attractive minimalist design, ambient light sensor and a “sunrise alarm” that slowly brightens its screen to simulate the effect of daylight's arrival 30 minutes before the time you set.

Buy Lenovo Smart Clock on Best Buy - $40

While the Lenovo Smart Clock’s touch display can show weather information, your Google calendar events and songs currently playing, it doesn’t have the capability to show photos and videos. It’s primarily a high-tech alarm clock with eight clock faces and six alarm tones, as well as the capability to show reminders and suggestions for future alarms.

However, it also has access to Google Assistant, which means it can follow voice commands and has the features needed to control your smart home setup. Another thing we really liked about the Lenovo Smart Clock is that it does’t have a camera. Yes, it still has a microphone, but you can easily mute it by toggling a button. The complete lack of a camera could assuage privacy concerns, though, and could make you more comfortable placing it in your bedroom.

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Best Buy is selling the Lenovo Smart Clock for half of its launch price